Our mission

Our mission is to change society’s attitudes, influence people who shape policy and practice, and to empower and directly support more individuals to lead fulfilled lives. Our big plan is divided into five priorities. These are the areas of life we want to have the biggest impact on, the areas where there is the most need to see change for the better.

  1. Raising awareness and changing attitudes
  2. Making a difference to the lives of people with a learning disability here and now
  3. Supporting friendships and relationships
  4. Improving health for people with a learning disability
  5. Giving children the best start in life.

Our values

We have a core set of values that were chosen by our colleagues, because they really do represent who we are. We love individuality and the unique perspective that every single person brings to Mencap, but these values show what each and every one of us stands for.

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We are Inclusive. People with a learning disability are at the heart of everything we do.

We are Trustworthy. When we promise something, we don’t let people down.

We are Caring. We treat everyone with respect and kindness.

We are Challenging. When we see things that aren’t fair we will campaign until we see real change.

We are Positive. We never stop believing in a better future and we celebrate what we are proud of now.